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18 to Life





CBC Television


Peter Wellington


Michael Seater, Stacey Farber, Peter Keleghan, Ellen David, Alain Goulem, Kaniehtiio Horn



The series tells about the father and son, twelve-year-old Etienne and the doctor Jacques. Father and son love each other and always try to be near. Jacques is proud of his son, he always drags him with him to various events, including work. There he shows many things related to his work, teaches his son how to play golf. Once he buys a jacket for his son, which was a great event for Etienne, and in this regard, teaches him to tie a tie correctly. But their peaceful life ends when Jacques gradually gets addicted to medical drugs. After a while against this background, he begins to hurt, and then dies. Etienne is simply broken, his whole life abruptly begins to go downhill. He is very saddened, unable to cope with the loss, there is a threat that the boy’s so well-beginning life may soon end forever.

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