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Alain Figlarz, Geoffroy Thiebaut, Pascal Elso, Joseph Malerba, Karole Rocher, Samuel Le Bihan



French criminal television drama from the creator Olivier Marshall is called Braquo season 3. The main actors in this dramatic story are police agents, who work in the Paris district of Ode de Saint. The story begins with the interrogation of a cruel and dangerous Arab criminal who raped and killed an innocent pregnant woman. A policeman named Max Rossi accidentally bends the stick against the Arab, and now the inspection begins to show him undeserved claims. A man is accused of a crime he did not commit, and in desperation Max commits suicide. His false-guilt becomes closely related to the life of four partners who intend to avenge their colleague and help his family. The police team decides to “cross the yellow line” and do everything necessary to clear the name of Max. Even if for this they themselves have to break the law, which they so tried to observe and respect. During the development of the plot, the main characters get under close scrutiny of Vogel, who works at the police bureau of the interior and is the sworn enemy of Kaplan. They try to get out of a complicated trap, into which they fell on their own imprudence, and each subsequent step can either aggravate or help the situation.

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