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Adult life is full of surprises and not always pleasant ones, so much trouble, worries, difficult life situations, from which it is so difficult to find a way out. So it’s not far from depression. And when there is not enough optimism, I would advise to follow the example of the heroine of the series “Betty”. This charming woman is not some kind of housewife who has to spend her days exclusively in the kitchen, do housework and consider going to the store as the most important event, she is a busy person, builds a stage career, and she also has a family – she has a husband and a child … Betty is also sociable, spends a lot of time in the company of close friends. I really like this series because it is full of life situations, not far-fetched, not simulated. Even the most ridiculous story, in which the heroes find themselves, may well happen in life. I like the characters of the characters, images. The character of the main character is especially close to me – Betty is not discouraged person. This is exactly what you need to be in life in order to steadfastly accept everything that happens to you and around you. You cannot give up, you must always console yourself with the fact that you will find a way out of any situation, you will make the right decision. It’s great that there are people like Betty who are able to support others, lend a helping hand, charge them with their optimistic mood. Life is easier for people who have a sense of humor. Not at all easier – there are a lot of problems, but at the same time they can look at any situation through the prism of laughter and find something positive, something that you can laugh at. Even laughing at oneself is sometimes useful. With great pleasure I watched the series “Betty, and now if I have bouts of melancholy and it starts to seem that I am confused and do not understand how to proceed, I turn on this funny series. The advantages of watching are that you are distracted from your thoughts, looking at the heroine, you start to regain faith in yourself and as a result, after such a useful “pause” – you make the right decisions, you realize that nothing will frighten you and you will cope with everything! Great humor, good stories, funny and life-like, excellent characters and acting on top!