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The plot of the British series “Christmas Carol” tells the audience about Ebenizer Scrooge, a simple uncle who loves his money. It’s funny that he has just such a surname, maybe the authors wanted to make a witty reference. This old man is very modest and stingy, so his only and eternal love never leaves anywhere. The main character understands that Christmas is the time when you need to part with what is really precious to you. You have to spend money to give gifts to your loved ones and friends. True, everything will change in the life of Scrooge when he encounters a real ghost. The man will meet the spirit of the deceased Jacob Marley, who will tell the main character his story. As it turned out, he was punished in heaven for the fact that throughout his life he did not do good and was always greedy. Now, in order not to repeat his fate, Scrooge will try to change. It will be extremely difficult to do this on your own, so three spirits set out to look after the main character, who are ready to test the man’s willpower. So the gloomy miser embarks on the path of goodness, trying to do what he has never done before.

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