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Larry Charles, Larry David


Larry David, Jeff Garlin, Susie Essman, Cheryl Hines, Phil McGraw



“The miniseries recounts the events surrounding a zombie epidemic that spreads abruptly in the UK. Central Handlungsort is the backlot of the British Big Brother format and the beginning of the action, the current season of the reality series is in a crucial phase. While before and behind the camera, the crucial preparations for an upcoming live broadcast in full swing, the disaster is about to grow outside the Big Brother container.

In the studio, the tears of joy flow and outside the lighted halls a bloodbath of enormous proportions takes its course. An unknown virus spreads among the survivors and pulls them on the spot there. Just a few moments later the dead bodies back to life – but in the form of zombies. Instead of media interest and record-breaking ratings, the Big Brother candidates as well as a handful of surviving crew members expected a horde of wild Undead. While the big brother is watching helplessly takes the invasion – broadcast live – its course.

The main characters of Dead Set

Kelly (Jaime Winstone) is not one of the participating stars of the Big Brother series, but still plays an important role when it comes to the live broadcast. As a runner by their mandate are no limits and beyond it proves to be dedicated assistant. Consequently, it takes later in the action also includes the leader of the group, as it clearly is the quickest with the extraordinary situation and the living dead.

Patrick (Andy Nyman) is the producer of the current Big Brother season and was previously responsible as a thinking head for the TV format. Although he is only active behind the scenes, he invested all his energy into the reality program and of course, sees it only his own advantage as a top scale. is that this selfishness under the circumstance of a zombie invasion cause problems is obvious.

Veronica (Beth Cordingly) is a 28-year-old classic Big Brother contestant. She dreams of a life as a princess to live with pony and tried through their TV appearances to become famous. Whether later, the modeling career or a successful Laufbhan in show business is on the agenda: the main thing she is in the spotlight and all the world she desires. Since even bloodthirsty zombies, play only a minor role when just fame is announced via live broadcast.

Marky (Warren Brown) also belongs to the classic inventory of Big Brother Association. His behavior resembles that of a small child and when he was not there the comedian for the best, he tries to be a womanizer and enjoys more than just having a beer. While he is popular with the part of the group, the other can not stand him.

Space (Adam Deacon) has probably spent in the previously 24 years of his life more time alone than with other people. Although it can be quite sympathetic and applies actually quite enthusiasm for the cause, he is one of the classic loners. This fact may be due, among other things, that it is sometimes bullied by the other candidates. In addition, he is everything and everyone very suspicious and thus it is difficult for him to fit into a social mesh.

The 26-year-old Pippa (Kathleen McDermott) is probably the best friend of space in the container. Probably but only because she herself is also among the outsiders. Basically, it is extremely naive and due to their inexperience it takes almost every faux pas and stereotypes on the way to Big Brother star with. Of course, also one of the typical participants, which are characterized more by tears than by words.

Although the Big Brother house has a wide variety of characters to offer, Joplin features (Kevin Eldon) is probably the most hated to the most. The audience can not stand him, and also in the container itself he makes through various statements and disputes any friends yet. Because of his appearance and his behavior that colleagues like to speak evil behind his back and have already given him a nickname: Gollum.

As in any Big Brother Season of course there are the absolute favorite of the public. The 27-year-old Grayson (Raj Ghatak) must as this call. Although he is in the midst of a midlife crisis and stands out above all by its bold statements, it has established itself as the heart of the community. His stubborn style as well as distinctive reactions and various emotional outbursts remain even in the face of a zombie horde in their distinctive condition.

Background information on Dead Set In the long tradition of the zombie horror Dead Set is oriented in the design of the creatures in younger representatives. It is specifically for the living dead, who are quick on the go and therefore can be described as racing zombies. The appearance of the characters is very similar to the infected people from 28 Days Later by Danny Boyle and 28 Weeks Later by Juan Carlos Fresnadillo.

In addition, numerous references found in Dead Set of various genre classic George A. Romero (Night of the Living Dead, Zombie – Dawn of the Dead) and current reference to the current popular cultural event again. As occur, for example, numerous ex-stars of the British Big Brother format, in the miniseries.

In the dialogues the individual figures frequently come to the conclusion ‘Big Brother is not watching us’. This line of text is directly related to the dystopia in 1984 by George Orwell. In this future, the company is controlled by a totalitarian system. For example, is one continuous video surveillance of everyday life in a futuristic state Oceania. The motto was ‘Big Brother is watching you’. In this quote Dead Set will therefore directly related.”

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