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Noah Hawley


Chris Rock, Jessie Buckley, Jason Schwartzman, Ben Whishaw, Jack Huston, Emyri Crutchfield, Andrew Rothenberg, Tommaso Ragno



Fargo season 4 is a criminal drama that tells about the events of the late 70’s of the last century. The war ended in the Vietnamese jungle, the main characters returned to their homeland, each in its own state. Solverson also arrived home with thoughts of a peaceful life, but he has to forget about the rest and take up the proceedings in one very difficult matter, involving many people he knows, and one of the local gangsters is to blame, well at least Sheriff Hank turned out to be a sensible and intelligent peasant, the same excellent assistant, maybe together they will manage to stop the mess around.

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Usually the word “TV series” is associated with something second-rate. It is good that there are worthy examples that take “serials” to a new, high level. Fargo is the very case when every dialogue is thought out before every word and movement of facial expressions, every character is well drawn, the character is thought out to the smallest detail, there are no superfluous in the frame and plot. “Fargo” shows the unpredictability of life, forcing you to peer into details, not fully understanding where and how the plot will turn. Looking at the actors, the picture, camera work, editing is one continuous aesthetic pleasure. Often, after a triumphant first season, you can see the level drop slowly. Although many criticize the third season, I personally liked it more than the first two, but the first season certainly presented one of the best antagonists in the history of cinema, played by Billy Bob Thornton. The main characters of all three seasons are tied up in a series of random events, always tied up due to the wrong choice, starting a series of such ridiculous and absurd events that they are scary and funny at the same time. A sort of signature style of the Coens to combine crime drama with the black humor of human stupidity, finding comic in everything, even in tragedy. Although they are not the directors of the series, it was filmed under their direction and the handwriting of the masters is visible. I think the fourth season was delayed solely in order to shoot a worthy story, and not in a hurry to go on a name and rating.

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