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“No speed limits, no cops, no money, no work, no bills, no shit. We just live. This is more than life. It’s supernatural. We used to be nothing, man, not even less. Now – the end of the world made us gods “…” Someday everything will return to normal. They are working on it … Someone, somewhere … Absolutely. I do not believe that this is the end. I can not believe, and I will not. We will return everything that we have lost “…” Where you will not come – the same story. Only people are different “…” The old rules are no longer applicable “…” You killed? Yes. Me too. I know that the world changed you, made you so. And I have been like this for a long time. I understand what you did. Why you did it. And I will understand when you do it again, because you will. You will have to. We have to. I can accept it if you are with me. “…” We will not share today bread with those who yesterday wanted to kill us. It is not necessary to love what helps to survive. It is necessary to use, to turn to your advantage “…” It is everywhere. Not in the state, not in the country, not on the continent. no limits. The whole world is lost, you understand? “…” You will pass one ghost town after another. There is nothing in them. The problem is not the murders, but the friends. That’s life. You will not find another. Not in the north, not in the south, not anywhere else. You will get used to killing. And it will be all the same “…” Rub as thick as possible. We must go quietly, look into the space between the atoms “…” – How long will we remember this: Odyssey and Iliad, the Bible? Another generation? – We’ll write new books, Madison “…” – You left because you didn’t love him? – I left, but still loved him “…” – Answers are important only if they are true. – They are true. – Maybe, but you served them between two pieces of dermis. How can I tell one from the other? – Smell before you eat! “…” – You cling to something that no longer exists. You are trying to be people who are already extinct. – Nobody died until they died “…” Travel? I’ve already traveled. Why did you decide that we will go to such extravagance? I moved away from work in the name of survival. Look around, I have found the best that is on this sinking Earth (Victor Strand drinks Chateau Latour wine (Chateau Latour) 1961) “…” Yesterday was yesterday, today is today, and God knows if there will be tomorrow “…” Everyone keeps telling me that there is reason to live. But you and I know that none of this is true. There are no good reasons “…” And I have a future. We will flood this planet again. How else? Even the ice age didn’t knock us out. One day we will rebuild everything that we have lost. And let’s start over. It’s unavoidable. So I brew beer “…” – I know there will be no happy ending. But we must fight for every day. If we don’t believe that it will be better, if we don’t believe that we can change everything for the better, if we don’t fight for every day, how are we different from the dead? – We are separated from the deceased only by rations for a couple of days “…” There is a fish that cannot be caught, no matter how much you swing your fishing rod. You can, of course, try, but my instinct tells me to leave. In this case, I think it refers to a woman “…” It is impossible to feel the tragedy without a sense of humor “…

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