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The Good Lord Bird







Anthony Hemingway


Ethan Hawke, Daveed Diggs, Joshua Caleb Johnson, Jack Alcott, Ellar Coltrane, Hubert Point-Du Jour, Nick Eversman



The main character Onion loses his father. The unhappy person does not know what to do next without a loved one. He will forever remember that brutal encounter between the passionate abolitionist John Brown and the slave owner. Brown was the one who eventually left Onion. Initially, he mistook the uncouth boy for a girl, but soon realized that he could become an excellent representative of his army, which fights against slave owners and slavery in general. In 1959, an incredibly massive slave uprising will become destructive and unstoppable. The main characters will set off to Harpers Ferry, where they will seize the storage. This action will lead to the start of a civil war.

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