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Mystery, Crime, Drama


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James Norton, Robson Green, Morven Christie, Tessa Peake-Jones, Al Weaver, Al Weaver, David Troughton



The action takes place in postwar England. In a provincial town, people look nice and friendly, it seems that this is the perfect place for a quiet and carefree life, but in fact there are terrible events, and residents hide terrible secrets. The main character-a former military man, and now a priest-is a very ambiguous person. He is damn attractive and popular with the opposite sex, drinks and smokes a lot, and sometimes even steals. In General, it is unclear how such a vicious man could become a vicar and lead a local parish. At the same time, a thoughtful and insightful priest can not remain indifferent to injustice, he is attracted by secrets and unsolved cases. Once in the city there is a murder-find a body of the person with the shot head. The police, considering it a suicide, hastily closes the case. The protagonist of the series Granchester decides to conduct its own investigation and find out the truth. Fate brings the vicar to an experienced detective. Severe and immersed in their problems, the police do not like to breed gossip, preferring in his spare time to skip a couple of drinks. Gradually, however, men find common ground and together begin to search for the killer. In the atmosphere of mystery characters will wander around the city and inquisitively interrogate residents, because the offender may be quite a respectable citizen. And in between jobs colleagues will play backgammon and fall in love with pretty girls.

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