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We offer viewers to once again plunge into the atmosphere of real magic and magic in the TV series “Wizards”. The new fourth season will once again twist the intrigue around the main characters and tell about how the history of the Breakbills Academy continued. The plot takes the audience to the boiling city of life in New York. Here, the plot focuses on Quentin Coldwater, who once thought for a long time that magic is a fiction for children’s fairy tales. What was his surprise when magic turned out to be real. It so happens that in New York there is a place where two different worlds connect! Fiori and America are not well known to the country, they unite near the walls of the Breakbills Academy, where the main character falls. Soon he begins to realize that he ended up at an educational institution where they teach magic arts and other important elements of witchcraft. True, Quentin soon learns about the terrible secret of his school, which can change the life of the whole world. This threat becomes truly dangerous, which forces both the main character and his new friends, as well as more prominent magicians, to come together in order to challenge universal evil. It is at the intersection of the city of Fiori and New York is a terrible and terrible monster, penetrated into our world. With him in the first season, the protagonists faced. The fourth season will continue the story of the characters and tell about the new adventures of modern wizards.

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