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Mr. Robot


Crime, Drama



USA Network


Sam Esmail, Kyle Bradstreet


Rami Malek, Christian Slater, Carly Chaikin, BD Wong, Martin Wallström, Michael Cristofer, Nadia Gan, Vaishnavi Sharma



“Mr. Robot” season 4 – series of dramatic orientation is full of criminal events. His shooting was entrusted to the man who was responsible for the production of “the Girl with the dragon” Spit Niels Arden. The author of the “Mr. Robot” was Sam Esmeil. It was he who created “Mockingbirds” and “Comet”, which are among the twenty most popular among the younger generation of films. Definitely, we should expect some surprise from those who had the will of fate to be involved in the production of this picture.
If you look at the plot, then its center is the story of the life of the programmer Elliot. He is young and he has so many plans for life that he can envy all those around him, which are not familiar with the guy in reality. The boy is not able to find a common language with his peers, older people and children. A dissociative disorder is a sentence that weighs on the life of a successful computer genius. If not for a serious illness, the guy could count on a steep salary, a prestigious job and numerous crowds of fans. But in real life, he can only dream about everything that have its competitors hacking complex codes.
Fate has prepared for Elliot an unexpected gift. Will the guy like the invitation to cooperation from the mysterious Robot? What is hidden behind the demonstrative desire with the support and skills of a talented hacker to destabilize the situation in the country and turn the existing way of life in society? America’s corporations under threat of extinction-that’s what the future can expect Americans, if Elliot does not understand in time, who offers him to play a very strange game.
How will the young conqueror of the computer world be able to recognize that he is wanted to be a mediator in an unfair, false combination of big players? Fairly trivial the plot is built would make a young generation of viewers worried for the future of individuals and of American society. It will be about the future of the population of one of the most successful countries in the world. The well-being of the American rich and the usual rhythm of life of the middle class will be under threat.
This is a story-an example of how strong a character can have someone from whom society is trying to get rid of, shyly turns away, puts in cruel conditions of survival. Now the world will not dictate to Elliot the rules of the game, and he will be the one in whose hands will be the future of the whole country and its population. Revenge or salvation will choose an outcast?

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