3rd Rock from the Sun (season 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6) Download full Episodes 720p

Every person who has ever looked at the starry sky, thought about the fact that we are not the only intelligent beings in this universe. But what will happen if it really is. What happens if we do find intelligent beings in our universe? What will be our first meeting? In the first season of the television series called “the Third planet from the Sun” takes the viewer to the usual state in the United States. A ship with unearthly creatures is approaching the earth and they have to complete a secret mission. At the head of a small group of researchers is a brave captain named dick Solomon. To somehow merge with the terrain they take the form of ordinary people. Now the first time and do not say that they are aliens. What will happen to him next ? What’s their mission? Answers near.
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Four aliens come to Earth with a mission to learn everything possible about the lifestyle and customs of its inhabitants. For this purpose humans will go through and try to understand why we are like we are and why we act in certain ways.