Sex Education (season 1,2,3) full Episodes 720p

The series tells about the awkward sixteen guy named Otis (Asa Butterfield). His mother (Gillian Anderson) runs a sex therapist. Therefore, the young man, despite his unsociable with the opposite sex, well versed in the physiology and psychology. Once united with his classmate – witty “bad girl” Maeve, Otis decided to open the school in the underground sex education courses to help his classmates deal with the experiences and difficulties of transition age. And at the same time – to earn some money. However, quite quickly the young man realizes that he himself would not prevent professional help in these matters.
He is trying to teach Otis this. But the trouble is that Otis himself has no sexual experience and therefore often his advice is useless. However, he soon realizes that the lack of experience can be compensated by theoretical knowledge and deep empathy.
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