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Action & Adventure, Crime, Drama





Aaron Rahsaan Thomas, Billy Gierhart


Shemar Moore, Alex Russell, Jay Harrington, Lina Esco, Kenny Johnson, David Lim, Donald Dash



“Special Forces of the City of Angels” will suit everyone who loves spectacular action films. The plot of the series revolves around the Los Angeles Special Forces squad. These guys are one hundred percent professionals in their field, because they are called only in situations of emergency. So we get a police series with gunfights, special effects and conflicts. Why is it worth watching this series and what struck me specifically? Unmistakably cast cast. Stunning faces play the roles of the main characters. Despite the appearance of typical “mannequins”, their stateliness is not striking, and the acting does not make you think that they are not actually members of the special forces squad. Great special effects. Today it is difficult to surprise anyone with this, but the series sometimes lag behind even in such trifles. “Special Forces of the City of Angels” does not disappoint with “explosions”, shootings and various stunt doubles, even considering that it was filmed almost twenty years ago. The third season is doing well in this regard. Costumes and decorations. The props do not look like that and are not striking as a cheap background. The costumes of the detachment also do not stick out with threads. Everything is super and, I repeat, you don’t even think that the show is not filmed by the real composition of the special forces. In fact, “Spetsnaz” pulls out the cast. The plot is quite banal and implausible for the harsh everyday life of the American police, but it’s not boring to watch. Enough for one time. It will go in the evenings with a cup of tea after a hard day’s work. The series is quite old (2003) and for its time copes with its tasks on a solid nine. Now I put 6 out of 10.

S.W.A.T. season 4 download full tv show episodes

Los Angeles is not only the home and abode of Hollywood superstars and glamor, but also an incredibly dangerous city with an overwhelming crime rate. It is good that there are brave and desperate guys – special forces – who are ready at any moment to stand up for the defense of law, order and justice, even if for this you have to risk their own lives. They are the last stronghold and hope of the metropolis in the confrontation with crime … At the epicenter of the events of the television series was the main character named Daniel “Hondo” Harrelson. He is a lieutenant in the Los Angeles special forces unit. The superiors instructed the guy to become the head of a squad of highly professional fighters who do not know pity and doubt, and always bring any mission to the end. Together they will work in a dysfunctional area in which Daniel was born and raised. The hero has a hard time, because he has many friends there, whose principles are seriously different from those of Harrelson. For them, any policeman and law enforcement official is an enemy. So Hondo is forced to maneuver between loyalty to his siblings in blue uniforms and childhood friends with their “street philosophy.” However, sooner or later a crisis moment comes and trust has to be tested in practice …

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