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Trey Parker, Matt Stone, April Stewart, Mona Marshall



Animation series by Trey Parker and Matt Stone with Trey Parker and Matt Stone.

A Robo version by Barbara Streisand? A stripe wearing Santa’s hat called Mr. Hankey? Jokes about Saddam Hussein, handicapped turkeys, anal probes, gay dogs and a leading actor who dies in each episode? Those who like such funky humor will love South Park.

Complete content & background information about South Park
The series focuses primarily on the adventures of four children, Stan Marsh, Kyle Broflovski, Eric Cartman and Kenny McCormick in the fictional small town of South Park in the Rocky Mountains in the United States today. In addition to the four main characters, the city is populated by a number of additional characters, such as Chef and Mr. (or Mrs.) Garrison.

South Park uses running gags, violence, sex, pop culture references and the satirical portrayal of celebrities and institutions and integrates them into action. The individual stories are usually set in motion by everyday or extraordinary, to supernatural events. In the course of the episode, it’s mostly the children who relate to reality while the adults around them panic or act irrationally. In this context, one of the recurring elements of actions is the exposure of “adult views” as distorted, hypocritical and immoral – at least from a child’s point of view.

Main characters from South Park
Eric Cartman (Trey Parker): A rude, racist, vicious and sadistic fat boy. He loves to terrorize his mother and three other friends. His antisemitic sayings have led to a veritable rivalry with Kyle over time.

Stan Marsh (Trey Parker): He is a rather calm and thoughtful child and in love with Wendy Testaberger. Unfortunately, he has to vomit every time he sees her. Stan was modeled on serial creator Parker

Kyle Broflovski (Matt Stone): The Jewish boy is exposed to the constant Jewish jokes Eric Cartman, but knows how to fight back. Kyle has as a model series creator Stone. The friendship of the two characters is intended to reflect the friendship of the creators.

Kenny McCormick (Matt Stone): The boy in the orange hooded sweater who almost makes his babble incomprehensible. He comes from a white-trash underclass family. As a recurrent element of the first seasons, Kenny dies each time in a different way, accompanied by the catch phrase, “Oh my god, they killed Kenny! Your pigs! “. In the ensuing episode, Kenny is alive again without explanation; only rarely is this “miracle” registered by the other characters.

All four children are spoken by the two creators of the series, Trey Parker and Matt Stone, as well as most of the other characters in the series. The acts of self-contained episodes are usually incredibly bizarre in nature. Frequently, international stars appear in guest roles.

In addition to the four main characters, there are various minor characters, some of which also develop beyond the closed framework of episodes, such as the teacher Mr. Garrison, who mutated from the staid primary school teacher on the various seasons to the transsexual.

Background information about South Park
In the presentation, the series differs by its silhouette style. Although only the first episode was produced by actual paper cutting and created all the consequences on the computer from the second, but the makers of South Park remained true to the chosen style. The production of a single episode requires just 5 days, making it one of the fastest producing series in the US.

Although at first glance the series is only concerned with blatant taboo breaks, it expertly parodies social problems and the hypocritical superficiality of the American way of life. As she combines all this with an absurd but enigmatic humor, she has been able to celebrate great international success so far.

Although it is rarely understood what Kenny says, he has regular text in the scripts for each episode.

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