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Emma Frost, Matthew Graham


Charlotte Hope, Stephanie Levi-John, Nadia Parkes, Aaron Cobham, Harriet Walter, Laura Carmichael



Caterina of Aragon is a young princess of Spain who is preparing to marry King Arthur. The main character was raised from childhood as a representative of the royal family. True, Katerina did not know at all that England is a very gray and rather harsh country, where landscapes do not impress with bright colors, and rain is the most frequent occurrence. Together with the main character, her confidants and maid of honor Lina are sent to British lands. The attention now paid to Katerina is extremely high. She is the central figure of the last few weeks, because her beauty is legendary, and everyone can not wait to look at the beautiful princess. Katerina and her new husband will still have time to find time to communicate, but for now, a whole campaign is being unfolded around the main character to study her behavior, outlook on life, manners and character. The girl is surrounded by such representatives of the new family as Margaret Beaufort, Margaret Pole, Prince Harry, Margaret Tudor, King Henry and Queen Elizabeth. True, Arthur dies unexpectedly. It would seem that after such an event, Katerina will not have a chance to take the throne in England, but through a political multi-walk, the main character finds a way to claim her rights and start an affair with Prince Harry.

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