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Ben Feldman, Colton Dunn, Lauren Ash, Mark McKinney, Nichole Bloom, Nico Santos, America Ferrera, America Ferrera



In some places, a funny and quite enjoyable background comedy series about supermarket workers. Different people and characters, sometimes with completely contradictory views and attitudes towards life, try to get along together. “Friends for not happiness” are not at all friends in life, they often shit on each other and thoroughly spoil life, nevertheless, people are much closer and absolutely not strangers to each other. A small country with its kings, vassals, jesters and executioners. It’s clear that if it wasn’t even a comedy series, there would be enough funny moments. Naturally, within the framework of everything that happens, you can see notes of social satire. The cast is well chosen. The actors are not well-known, but the characters are well placed. There are no particular top moments, but some characters are remembered. Unfortunately, the talent of the screenwriters pumped up and for several seasons there are no sharp and memorable plot twists. The humor also remains fairly flat and uniform. Obviously, the authors decided to stick to the “golden mean” and not take risks. Because of this, around the 3rd season, it becomes boring to watch and I don’t really want to continue. Apparently, such reluctance arose among the majority of viewers and the “golden mean” did not pour out of dollars for the creators of the series. The series slammed after season 3. Subsequently, a couple of bonus episodes were released. You can watch, but not necessarily. If you are looking for something in the background, and moderately funny, then it will do.

Superstore season 6 download full tv show episodes

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