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“In modern new York city real magicians live among ordinary American citizens. They even have their own secret University, where novice sorcerers can acquire secret knowledge, develop supernatural abilities and comprehend the science of real magic.
Julia Wicker and Quentin Coldwater suddenly get a rare chance to be interviewed for admission to this closed institution for the elite. They are oblivious to the moment, yet instead of questions about the school program they do not offer a test for magical abilities.
Julia and Quentin grew up together, read books together about the magical land of Filari and dreamed together. Grown-up girl eventually ceased to believe in the existence of a book reality, and Quentin, on the contrary, deeper and deeper immersed in it. This determined the results of the entrance test. The young man was discovered innate magical abilities, and Julia did not have them. Therefore, memories of participating in a secret exam should be removed from her memory forever.
“”The Magicians “”is a television version of the popular trilogy of L. Grossman, with a light hand”” the new York Times “”put on a par with such popular fairy tales of our time, as the sensational novels about Harry Poter and the well-known””Chronicles of Narnia””. According to many critics, this work is a kind of combination of Potter and Narnia in the interpretation for adults.
The world magic grim, but charming. It is not as harmless as Quentin seemed in his childhood. Step by step, he will have to comprehend the secrets of the world and reveal its sometimes terrible secrets. After all, the magical land inhabited by a variety of creatures, which now have to meet in fact. At the same time, Julia will strive to find a way to return to the magical land that did not accept it.
Interesting and minor lines dreaming to revive his brother Ellis, charismatic guy penny and his girlfriend Cady, funny joke Eliot and charming Margot, and even broke the rules of the school villain Marina. They all share common experiences and fates intertwine.”