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7.5/ 10

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Original Title:

The Magicians


Drama, Fantasy, Horror


1 nomination.




Mike Cahill, Sera Gamble


Jason Ralph, Olivia Taylor Dudley, Arjun Gupta, Stella Maeve, Jade Tailor, Hale Appleman



The series, based on the bestsellers Of Lev Grossman, tells the audience about the adventures of Quentin Coldwater and his comrades, who found out that wizards exist. And not only in fairy tales, myths and other folklore, but also in the real world. In the first parts of Quentin found, that ordinary people coexist with those who knows about magic. This neighborhood is not obvious only for the reason that from earthlings strongly hide the truth. Individuals who are aware of the existence of magic, disguise their activities and protect from unnecessary attention of the school where they learn the craft. To one of these schools, the main character joined in the 1st season. During the last series the guy has encountered many inexplicable and frightening. To understand what has gone through Quentin, it’s worth remembering, as in the previous part he killed… God! Not the most important, because there are more than ten, but still. The consequences of such a reckless act chase him and in the 3rd season. In the early the first series of he tries to help Jules, almost fully lost the magical ability to. Together they discover that the girl still has some magical skills, but the problem is that Jules no longer believes in their own strength.

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