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Crime, Drama






Sven Nordin, Thea Green Lundberg, Mads Ousdal, Ulrikke Hansen Døvigen, Gard B. Eidsvold, Lars Berge



The plot focuses on William Whisting. This man always tries to behave meticulously and uncompromisingly. The main character is one of the best detectives in Norway. Every time a man gets down to business, he gets his way. Not so long ago, William began an investigation into the murder, which occurred near his home. Unhappy was Viggo Hansen, who always lived quietly and did not molest anyone. Yes, and Whisting himself rarely came across this person, so to whom he could cross the road is unknown. A small regional town is standing on its ears because of this incident, and the main character is trying to do everything to find the criminal. Suddenly, William discovers that this case has some subtle connection with the crimes of one famous serial killer. The main character tries to finish the case on his own, but his daughter, who works as a journalist in one of the publications, is connected to the investigation. She publishes material about the killer and suddenly goes on his trail. Whisting believes that his daughter will only interfere with his investigation, but unexpectedly the heroine provides important data that can help bring the matter to a reasonable conclusion.

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